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— Jim Sevier, Founder


Creating A COmpelling Business Narrative

A narrative is an account of connected events; a story. Too often in business we focus on WHAT we do when we should be focusing on WHY, HOW and WHO we are doing it for. Stating facts about our business can be easily forgotten.  When a business tells WHY and HOW it was started in story form the audience is drawn in and becomes part of it. This technique improves message retention and audience engagement.

Fiscal Return Measures

In business, everything is foremost a financial decision.  Being able to understand and communicate with financial stakeholders will enable you to improve sales conversion. This element was developed from an article written by Financial Expert, David Bradshaw and I was drawn to it because of how easily it is to understand. It is intended as a primer for sales professionals who are looking to improve their financial acumen when discussing fiscal investment options.

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engaging & well attended events

Whenever I am asked what the secret is to getting people to attend an event my answer is always the same: Advanced Preparation and Skillful Delivery. To hold successful events you need to ensure that you have plenty of runway to get the event off the ground. The value to your business is that you get to be in front of the RIGHT clients that are willing to hear your story and are capable of spreading the word faster that you can imagine.